RoadLight’s mission is to empower and transform as many lives as possible, via inspirational stories, specific coaching, motivational speaking,  tailored programs,  courses and training.  We offer help to a variety of organisations and institutions this includes schools, colleges, universities, prisons and a range of private clients. Our mission being to help people to reach a higher level of consciousness.

RoadLight is a fundamental platform which has been created through the life experiences of husband and wife Dwayne and Melanie Jack.

Dwayne and Melanie use their remarkable personal story as real life material that helps keep their audience engaged, this resonates well with most of the clients because their own personal experiences, quite often have synergies and commonalities.  

The RoadLight Team aim to enhance their clients' spiritual and psychological growth, by providing them with knowledge and insights to enable them to harness their power within and ultimately manifest their hearts desire.

RoadLight's method of delivery is centered around helping the clients realise their full potential by enabling them to activate their power within.

The RoadLight high impact motivational speeches are universal and can be tailored to meet the needs of any audience, helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the laws of the universe.

Exploring the keys to life that are paramount to achieving goals without limitations. 

The main motivational speakers for RoadLight are Dwayne and Melanie Jack.

Dwayne and Melanie give real life testimonies of mind-blowing stories, where they have experienced miracles that have changed their lives and others.

Dwayne and Melanie both deliver their messages with passion and fire and a burning desire to empower the crowd, leaving them in awe. 

The audience go away with a completely different outlook on life, seeing adversities as opportunities and learning how to respond to life’s pressure rather than reacting.

Dwayne and Melanie believe it does not matter where you come from, what you have been through in the past or what you have or may not have, collectively you have the power within to take charge and create your own personal dream.