Dwayne jack

Dwayne grew up in a single parent family raised by his Mother and witnessing her experience severe domestic violence.

Dwayne watched his Mother receive a custodial sentence in a magistrate’s court and had to endure the heartache of her being taken away to prison, this was incredibly traumatic for such a young little boy.

The sentencing of his mother resulted in Dwayne and his two younger sisters being taken into the care of the local authorities because they no longer had a parent to protect them.

Dwayne soon found a sense of belonging on the streets with the older boys, getting involved deeply with them in a street life filled with endless crime, violence and drugs.

By the age of 13 Dwayne was smoking crack cocaine and had become a complete menace to society, he was in constant remand to the local authorities, but upon turning 13 he was issued a DTO – Detention & Training Order because he was such a serious case and a high-level risk to the general public.

Dwayne was in and out of prison for 17 years, he endured multiple gunshot wounds, severe machete injuries in his head, ongoing domestic violence, had been stabbed several times and had multiple near-death experiences due to the very serious nature of his injuries.

In the end while sitting in his prison cell Dwayne had a very powerful supernatural, spiritual awakening and this was the catalyst that led him to create a program that would change the lives of others and most of all himself.

Upon his release from prison Dwayne immediately embarked on his new chosen path to help others, by creating his own business called RoadLight which involved him coaching and mentoring others with similar experiences to himself. He vowed from that moment on to make it his life’s mission to serve others for the greater good.

Dwayne also began his life coaching through which he delivered a variety of programs designed for Children’s Homes, Schools and very specific Prison programs that assist inmates at a range of sites including HMYOI Feltham.

In addition to this Dwayne is also a motivational speaker who gives presentations to a variety of audiences nationwide across the UK.

The development and implementation of RoadLight and its tailored programs, was the completion of his personal transformation process, that helped him finally step away from his painful dark past into the light.

Through many years of hard work and determination Dwayne has discovered his unconditional authentic self and love for healing humanity. Known to many as the "heart surgeon" as he believes that the heart, through the correct levels of vibration, determines the quality and direction of one’s life.

Dwayne has used his painful past experiences as a purposeful message to help others. Living by example, blending his philosophy with psychology and spirituality to empower lives for positive change.

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