Melanie endured a very difficult childhood, having grown up in a very challenging environment which included living in various deprived areas and growing up from her early tender years being exposed to severe daily domestic violence in her family home.

Sadly witnessing this daily domestic violence became the normal for Melanie and she never knew any different.

Melanie’s Father was a non functional alcoholic who was very often violent towards her, her siblings and her Mother.

The regular domestic violence that Melanie incurred resulted in her and her family living in and out of refuges for years, this meant she had a very unstable, unpredictable and volatile home environment.

From her early teenage years, Melanie became deeply involved in the world of alcohol and drugs, this later lead to Melanie becoming a top serious level drug dealer.

Melanie was a very successful drug dealer and her vast sale of drugs provided her with an extremely affluent rich lifestyle where she earned serious money and took her from poverty to riches.

The drug sales provided Melanie with a very luxurious lifestyle where she would want for nothing, in the end it was the lifestyle that became more addictive to Melanie than the substance itself. Through her Drug Dealer pathway, Melanie provided herself with a high quality of life, which meant she could afford anything she wanted, from fast cars to luxury holidays to endless social spending and outlandish shopping sprees.

Due to her humble beginnings where Melanie had very little, not only did she become addicted to the alcohol and substances but Melanie learned to rely on the escapism of this newly formed luxury lifestyle where she would want for nothing because she was such a successful drug dealer.

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