Melanie experienced domestic violence at the hands of her Father who was an alcoholic. This ongoing violence destabilised her home environment and forced Melanie, her siblings and her Mother in and out of refuges for many years. The majority of Melanie's younger years were a combination of psychological and physical abuse that sadly became the norm for her.

During her teenage years, Melanie became immersed in a dangerous world of drugs, alcohol and unhealthy, toxic relationships. These circumstances resulted in Melanie becoming one of the biggest drug dealers in her hometown and across the London surrounding areas, this new lifestyle transported Melanie from a world of poverty to affluence.

In her twenties Melanie met Dwayne and the beginning of their relationship was extremely volatile, because it was primarily fuelled by drugs, alcohol and violence. This situation with Dwayne mirrored the same patterns that Melanie had experienced in her earlier relationships with her parents and previous partners, during her younger years.

Their unhealthy relationship cycle continued until Dwayne's transformation occurred in his prison cell in 2012.

This was the catalyst that led to Melanie making conscious life-changing choices which enabled her to break free from her negative lifestyle and finally step into her greatness.

Melanie currently lives a conscious lifestyle helping her clients to overcome life challenges, domestic violence and painful life experiences by offering real world wisdom and insight. 

Melanie is the co-founder of RoadLight and she has worked tirelessly to develop life-changing programs that will support other survivors of domestic violence, mental abuse and sexual exploitation and empower them to make positive changes in their life.

In her life coaching career Melanie has worked with a range of clients including men, women and young children from all walks of life and dealt with multiple issues such as emotional abuse, domestic abuse, violence, relationship conflict, bullying and conflict resolution to name a few.

Melanie's methodology includes a combination of counselling, development of unconditional self-acceptance and positive affirmations which help to build her clients confidence levels, inner strength and empowers them to break free from the negativity in their lives.

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