Dwayne’s mind and heart programmes are unique, powerful, and life-changing. Fuelled by his painful past, Dwayne has turned his pain into purpose and wants to share how he overcame his life’s adversities. The programme has transformed many people’s lives and they are living proof that the principles and methods work. By tapping into the force within, Dwayne is now free physically, psychologically, and spiritually, creating his future with no limitations. Through Dwayne’s guidance and support his clients have also achieved a life of consciousness, love, freedom, joy, and happiness.

Business and Corporate

The average person spends between 8 to 12 hours a day in the work place. Depending on the environment, relations, and communications of the work place, life can become somewhat challenging, adding the pressure of targets and deadlines in the business or organisation, not mentioning family demands. This causes stress, depression, bulling, and high blood pressure that can all contribute to a stroke.

The wellbeing of the CEO down the chain to the employees is the most important core values of a successful business. Health creates wealth, looking after yourself and your employees is the best investment any business owner could make, you’re worth it and so are your employees.

We work with corporate companies, prisons, and other institutions that work in highly challenging environments. Offering a variety of tools and strategies, with invaluable knowledge and wisdom that’s required to master such environments. If you feel your organisation or business could benefit by undertaking our institutional workshops that empower the work place.

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