Prisons and Secure Estates

We have developed a unique programme called ‘Hit the Road Jack’. It has been created through the experiences of Dwayne spending half of his life in the care of the local authority, prison institutions, and on the streets. The programme is designed specifically for young people and adults that have been through some kind of trauma, those that are on the brink of going down the wrong path, or in the care of the local authority, prisons and only know a life of drugs and alcohol misuse and offending behaviour.

A One-of-a-Kind Programme

The programme is unique and like no other, it not only inspires and motivates the young people but transforms their lives. We care a great deal about those who are in custody and in the community that are looking for chance to change their lives. We offer one-to-one mentoring and group sessions that encourage education, employment, and training. We bridge the gap between authorities and institutions by empowering the young people to make positive changes in their lives and becoming positive members of society.

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