"We’re signing you up long term"

"You and Mel have run your pathway with sets of 8 learners for six weeks at a time, and we are coming to the end of the third term with you now. A brief summary of your impact ranges from: Learners feeling secure and confident enough to read to each other out loud, and passing the book on so they all read. This sounds like a small task but the reality is some of our learners are extraordinarily challenging and such a simple exercise was wonderful to watch. I’ve seen learners sitting in absolute focus whilst they learn the art of playing chess with respect and courtesy. I’ve seen learners who would usually be aggressive and unpleasant to each other, belly laughing in camaraderie whilst they try and help each other build the tallest tower out of paper. I’ve sat and listened to the learners tell me how your course has helped them to appreciate that others may have interesting things to say so they should listen, that it is actually enjoyable to lean on others for support when trying a team task, that it’s okay to have different opinions and respect is key. You have been given particularly challenging learners and at no point have we ever had to intervene due to unruly or inappropriate behaviour in your class. The learners are always constantly engaged with you and Mel, and they have explained that the modules have been really thought-provoking and effective. For me personally, I have noted when dealing with some of the more challenging lads in different classes after they’ve been on your pathway, that whilst they still like to argue their point, they are just so much more mature and respectful whilst doing it. I appreciate this is a ridiculously positive appraisal, but you know I’m fairly straight talking and would have been hard-pressed to have spent money on a more relevant and appropriate intervention package than RoadLight. We’re signing you up long term to continue working here at Feltham with Prospects! I’m happy to have a conversation with any staff elsewhere who may be considering your services."

Karon McCarthy | Head of Education, Education A

"Watching Roadlight change mindsets is phenomenal"

"Watching Roadlight change mindsets is phenomenal. I am so grateful for the work they do with our young people. They consistently have a knack of getting hard to reach young people engaged in conversations that result in them changing their behaviour. They come with a unique approach having lived the life our young people are so entrenched in and having made the transformation to something infinitely better. They can shine a light for our young people to find their own way out of a life of chaos and crime. Sometimes there is something of a wall of negativity towards authority that our young people live with, something created over years of difficult interactions with those in authority, schools, care, police and prison. Roadlight have a key strength in being able to support young people through this barrier so that they can access the many avenues of help available to them here at Feltham. Similarly Roadlight have a key role to play in assisting staff to really see beyond the behaviour to the often vulnerable child beyond. We have seen many young people improve their behaviour and mindset having worked with Roadlight. Data around adjudications, assaults, self harm etc support this. Working with Roadlight as part of the team is inspiring, rewarding but most of all effective for our young people."

Harriet Hancock | Head of Regime Services, HMPPS Youth Custody Service

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