Reaching The Un-Reachable

Therapeutic Urban Intervention

Our vision is to be the one of the leading specialists forrehabilitation & behavioural interventions in the UK.

Our vision is to be one of the leading specialists for rehabilitation & behavioural interventions in the UK.

Empowering lives for positive change!

We work with local authorities namely social services, youth offending teams, police, schools and colleges to support these vulnerable groups.

Self-Development Intervention Services

Prison Services

Roadlight provides a number of bespoke services for prisons, probation and Youth Custody Services, taking a different approach to the traditional way of interventions.

HM Prison and Probation Services

Our aim is to reduce offending behaviour and substance misuse by Empowering Lives For Positive Change!

We work very closely with our clients

Empowering Lives For Positive Change!

RoadLight offer a different approach to the traditional interventions. We deliver non-formal Therapeutic Urban Intervention Programmes that are OCN accredited ( Open Collage Network London).

These programmes have been created through the personal experiences of Dwayne Jack spending decades within Her Majesty’s Prisons, who is now a professional with 22 years of raw experience under his belt, to Empower Lives for Positive Change!

Our unique bespoke programmes have been developed from personal experiences of childhood trauma, social care and the criminal justice system, which has been rolled out across the UK within the private and public sector since 2015.

We offer mentoring services led by RoadLight’s fully trained mentors in the RoadLight Way and course facilitators who use their past experiences as a message of hope that change is possible and empower this hard-to-reach generation.

RoadLight inspires, empowers, and educates individuals with a better understanding of themselves and life, encouraging self-awareness and life and social skills, whilst supporting and encouraging them on the road to education, training or employment

Dwayne Jack, from Prisoner to Revolutionary Public Figure, Author, Master Mind Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Leading Educator in Human potential.

Empowering Lives for Positive Change!

Founder and CEO of RoadLight Dwayne Jack created a fundamental platform for rehabilitation and self-development.

Dwayne is established as an expert in the field of Rehabilitation & Personal Development. Having spent 17 years in and out of custody himself, Dwayne is now an entrepreneur that has built a team of like-minded people who share his passion and vision of supporting the rehabilitation of young people and adults to live a law-abiding life whilst in custody and upon release into society.

Dwayne has also recently published his new book The Tree of Life.

Amongst his many contributions to this field, Dwayne developed the Hit The Road Jack programme using over 22 years of invaluable insights from his very own self-discovery and rehabilitation.

Dwayne works closely with Her Majesty’s Prisons and local authorities including schools Youth Offending Teams, Councils and social services reaching out to thousands of lives with his revolutionary programmes. Since the success of his work with many leading UK charities and businesses such as Shaw Trust, NOVUS and Prospects, Dwayne has been interviewed by a number of radio shows including the BBC.

HMPPS Services

Bespoke services for prisons, probation and Youth Custody Services, taking a different approach to the traditional way of interventions.

Self Development

Workshops and 1-1 support for young adults and vulnerable people that have behavioural problems leading to a life of drugs, violence and crime.


“Watching RoadLight change mindsets is phenomenal. I am so grateful for the work they do with our young people. They consistently have a knack of getting hard to reach young people engaged in conversations that result in them changing their behaviour.”

“We would highly recommend RoadLight’s services to any educational or youth provision, as we feel that their exclusive services and approach offer young people the opportunity to learn and gain new life-skills, and give them the confidence and motivation to want to make constructive changes in their lives.”

“RoadLight have been given particularly challenging learners and at no point have we ever had to intervene due to unruly or inappropriate behaviour in the class. The learners are always constantly engaged and they have explained that the modules have been really thought-provoking and effective.”